Steven Meise
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  • Born 1968 in Vanderbijlpark.
  • Matriculated at Vaal High School [Vanderbijlpark].
  • Attended Rhodes University [Grahamstown].
  • Obtained B.Com [Rhodes] – 1990.
  • Obtained LLB degree [Rhodes] – 1992.
  • Admitted as Attorney – 1995.
  • Commenced own practice – 1996.
  • Director of MNI Attorneys from inception.
    Post admission qualifications: H Dip Corp Companies Act 61/1973 [RAU]; Dip Insol [RAU], Cert Indirect Taxation [LEAD]; Dip Corp Companies Act 71/2008 [UJ]; Cert Competition Law [UJ].
Steven Meise
1. What is your favourite holiday destination?

“The Sanctuary”, which is essentially a tropical island destination situated north of Vilanculos in Mozambique. It is idyllic with calm turquoise waters. On the morning of 4th day of our holiday at The Sanctuary, my son asked: “Daddy, do you think that this is what heaven is like?”

2. What is your favourite restaurant?

Calisto’s in Gillview, Johannesburg South. I love eating traditional Portuguese food, and Calisto’s definitely has the best. It also has a great atmosphere and the staff are very welcoming and attentive.

3. What is the funniest thing that happened to you recently?

A few weeks ago I met with the Sheriff of the court to attend to the attachment and removal of someone’s property. The access gate was locked and the property was situated approximately 4km further on a gravel road. Thinking that the property was about 1km away, I decided to walk to see if I could find anyone to open the access gate. It was a hot 30 degree day and I was wearing a pair of brand new shoes and my formal long pants, shirt and tie. After a hot sweaty walk and many blisters later, by the time that I reached the property the Sheriff had arrived in his vehicle – someone else had opened up for him. It wasn’t funny at the time, but quite amusing when looking back.

4. If you hadn’t followed a legal career, what other career would you have followed?

I would definitely have pursued another line of business. I describe my work as “being in the business of law”. If I hadn’t followed a legal career, I would probably have followed a career where I could spend more time outdoors and less time behind a desk. I have a saying when I am all suited up in the office: “all dressed up and no place to go!”

5. What will you do if you win R20 million?

I would invest some of the money in a USD account to make provision for my sons’ overseas’ studies. I would use some of what is left over to build a family home on the St Francis Links Golf and Lifestyle Estate, and invest the rest into Meise Nkaiseng Attorneys’ Road Accident Fund Claims Department, which is expanding rapidly.

6. If you could buy time, would you and how much would you buy?

Time is given to us by God, for us to use as much thereof and for whatever purpose we choose. Instead of wanting to buy “more time”, I would rather consider how I use my time and for what purpose. Elon Musk has said that he gets about 6 hours of sleep per day, leaving 18 hours a day to work – and look at what he has achieved!!!



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